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If Jesus walked into your room

Have you ever heard a song that has just rocked you to the core? A song that you are humbled by, as you suddenly remember who Jesus is. A song that as you listen, pierces through all your story and journey and pain. As you remember just who God is and you begin to feel his tangible presence, like rain on the terrain of your heart.

Last Saturday I heard a song with my husband that took us to a deeper place. It was called ‘What would you do’ by Elevation Worship. These are some of the lyrics;

‘What would you do if He walked into the room? How would you praise if He walked into the room? How would you stand if He walked into this room?’

We fell to our knees and wept as we remembered who Jesus was. The King of Glory. All loving and compassionate. The one that died for us.  Worthy of our all. Holy and worthy of our surrendered lives.

The song (that you can listen to below), then goes on to say;

‘He is here right now. The King is in the room. Your Healer’s in the room. Your Saviour’s in the room. Your provider’s in the room. Your redeemer’s in the room. Your champion’s in the room. He is in this room, so what will you do?

We so easily forget who Jesus is. We so easily forget His love, compassion and power. And yet when He walked the earth, He healed and loved and taught through sacrifice. His whole life, coming to earth was sacrifice and love. The cross was just the crescendo. Where He would say for an eternity that He loves us. That He chose us. That we are His, and we are all precious to Him.

As the song finished, my husband and I felt an invitation from God to invite Jesus in. That we would behold Him in His beauty, that he would come into our lives deeper and more tangibly. That He would come into our home and breathe on us.

My husband took my hands and began to pray and invite Jesus to come into our home that night, that we would encounter Him and be forever changed. What happened next surprised even me, and turned into one of the holiest nights of our lives.

An Encounter

Suddenly, my husband was caught up by God’s glory – still with his hands in mine, he could hardly breathe, being pushed down by Gods weighty glory. He began speaking, and describing a ‘right then’ vision that he was seeing in the spirit and channelling God’s voice.  

‘He is here’ my husband whispered. ‘Jesus is walking over the door lintels of our home, passing over the blood of the vine.’ (At Passover we had painted the door with red wine to symbolise Jesus blood and protection over our home.) I was in awe. With my eyes shut I listened.

 ‘Jesus is now in our hallway and walking towards our prayer room’ my husband uttered. I started sobbing, overcome with emotion that God would come visit us.

‘He’s walking towards your ministry and essential oils area’. I was so humbled. I had been faithfully preparing the room ready for a new women’s ministry that Father God had asked me to set up. ‘He’s smiling Liana’ said my husband. Jesus spoke again, ‘I’ve got this. The timing and the way it will unfold’. 

‘He’s going to our bookcase now and running his fingers along it’ he said. This was our ministry library prepared in faith for the needs of equipping and encouraging the Bride. ‘There is delight on his face’ my husband described. A Joy welled up in me, as all the preparation had been for Him.

Next Jesus turned to face my piano. Now this is the area I have needed so much more courage than I have had. The Father has been asking me to sing and record live and raw worship sets, spontaneous and spirit led and I have been seriously doubting my abilities. I have been scared of what people would think of me and my sound.

Jesus proceeded to speak words of challenge, love and encouragement into my call to worship. He spoke of what true worship was and asked me to believe that He could play through me.

Then the vision changed and suddenly I could see heaven. God showed us some deeply personal and amazing visions to encourage our hearts and minister to us. We both ended up with tears streaming down our faces. Touched, having encountered Jesus.


Why do I share all this personal testimony of encounter with Jesus with you? I believe this is an invitation to all of us, to invite Jesus into our hearts and our homes. An invitation to walk a closer walk with Him.

What would you do if Jesus walked into your room right now? How would you bow before Him? How would you praise Him? Is your heart right before Him? For His holy presence comes where there is hunger and pure chasing after Him. Let us hunger for Him more than food or water. Let us invite the King of Glory in.

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